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Transforming the Way We Eat

How Activeat Increased Revenue by 120%

PROBLEM: Activeat, a healthy meal subscription website, was facing low conversion rates and revenue. They also struggled with providing a personalized meal selection process and advanced ordering feature to their customers.

SOLUTION: We redesigned the Activeat website with a focus on custom UI and UX design. We implemented a personalized meal selection process that allowed customers to choose their preferred meal options including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and eggetarian options. They could also choose the number of days for their meal plan and the number of meals per day, including breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Additionally, we included options for different types of meal plans, such as low-carb, balanced, keto, and vegan.

We also included the option for customers to place their orders a day in advance before 4pm and also have the option to order desserts 2 days in advance. The entire website redesign was focused on showcasing the Activeat brand through clean and modern design, high-quality images and consistent color scheme.

RESULTS: Within 3 weeks of relaunching its website, Activeat saw a 120% increase in revenue without a change in any marketing budget. The conversion rate increased from 3.1% to a whopping 12%. Additionally, after a couple of months, the customer return rate was 74%.

CONCLUSION: The redesign of the Activeat website was a huge success, with the implementation of a personalized meal selection process and advanced ordering feature, it improved the customer experience and made it more convenient for them to subscribe to a healthy meal plan. The increase in revenue and conversion rate, as well as the high customer return rate, all demonstrate the effectiveness of the custom UI and UX design. The website redesign strongly resonated with the target audience and was highly persuasive in increasing the customer engagement and retention on the website.

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