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Why Website Security is crucial for your online presence?

Why Website Security is crucial for your online presence? Since March 2020 the website hacking is at an all time high. As per Wordfence,  In April 2020, over 900, 000 WordPress sites were attacked from 24,000 distinct IP addresses, resulting in information stealing. This sudden rise in attacks is eyebrow-raising and worrisome, as it has […]

How Should Businesses adapt their marketing post pandemic

Why should you continue to invest in marketing post COVID – 19   The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 and the recession induced disruption in almost every business sector.  The education, retail, logistics, finance, entertainment, transportation, and manufacturing industries are the hardest hit sectors in the current market, suffering huge losses and facing high uncertainty. The […]

Custom Websites

Custom Designed Websites VS Template Website: All you need to know Now that you are all set to go ahead and invest in a new website and create a digital presence for your brand, are you wondering if you should go with a custom built website or use a template? Let us help you weigh […]

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