We are pioneers at delivering complete digital marketing services for your brand.

We specialize in enhancing the digital footprint for the growing small and mid-size businesses. Whether it’s a product-related or a service-oriented enterprise, we have the capacity to deliver a complete IT department sized support behind your business. We are always strongly committed to fulfilling all your business requirements. When your company decides to work with us, you are receiving a full-time dedicated team. At Bridgekash we believe in customization. We know that every business has its own unique challenges and expectations. Each of our tailored campaigns is crafted to be results driven. We communicate clearly and deliver projects consistently in a timely manner. Our client’s success is our goal, with the main objective to ultimately increase your revenue through our digital marketing efforts.


We curate high functioning technology solutions and implement Data-Driven Marketing for B2B and B2C Companies across various sectors.We build creative brand experiences to solve business problems.


We listen to our clients’ ideas, problems, ambitions and consult them with the right methods to accomplish what they want, to help them reach their audiences and achieve their growth goals.

Defining who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Be Open Minded

We constantly aspire to gain new skills. So keeping our minds open to new ideas and experiences is what makes our team the best there is.


Unimpeachable Character

Our character defines us and what we do. No matter the project or the challenge, our standards and professional attributes remain constant, ethical, and unassailable.


Improvement Obsessed

Nothing kills creativity like stagnation. At Single Grain, our teams are improvement obsessed and results-focused - and we’re always on the lookout for ways to stay on top of our game.


We keep the focus on driving results.

Want to learn more about the results we’ve driven for our clients? Check out our portfolio for examples of our work, and our 785+ client testimonials to hear directly from the marketers and business owners who’ve worked with us.

Anjali Tolani

She is the Founder and CMO of the Company. As the Marketing Head at Bridgekash, she is responsible for leading the strategy and execution of the company. Over her career, Anjali has built many innovative businesses in both B2B and D2C Sectors.

Anjali Tolani

Co-Founder, Creativer Director

Praveen Hinduja

He has worked with MNC's & handled Teams such as Project Management, Designing (UI / UX), Development and Digital Marketing Teams.

Praveen Hinduja

Co-Founder, Technical Director